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what if you got a dollar for everytime you masturbated 


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You can literally answer “that’s what the government wants you to think” to anything

that’s what the government wants you to think

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"It’s not our job to toughen our children up to face a cruel and heartless world. It’s our job to raise children who will make the world a little less cruel and heartless."

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"Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint."


Mark Twain
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A bunch of drunk college kids tried to play “Alice in Wonderland”

I cry of laughter everytime I watch this. 

what the fuclk did i just watch


This is amazing



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You can go to jail for treating someone’s life.

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Hey if you threaten someone’s life you can go to jail. Watch it.


Truly Amazing Facts About Babies
With a new one born every few seconds, babies keep the world going ‘round. However, they have more to teach us than originally thought. Check out these  truly amazing facts about babies that will have you pondering the miracle of life and looking at your own kids a little differently.
Amazing Facts About Newborns
These amazing facts about babies occur from birth to a few months in.
No Kneecaps : On birth, babies do not have kneecaps. Rather they have a structure of cartilage that resembles kneecaps. They usually don’t develop them fully until after six months. Most seen on babies who “army crawl” instead of doing it on all fours.
May Babies Are The Heaviest : One would think that January sees the heaviest babies given all the holiday eating but this is untrue. May is actually the month that sees the heaviest babies born. Usually about an average of 200 grams heavier than any other month.
They Can’t Cry : They can scream and holler for what they want or need, but newborns can’t technically cry. Tears can’t actually be created or released until about three weeks in. However, in some cases, it isn’t unusual for babies to shed their first tears until four or five months.
They Have More Bones : When babies are born, they have 300 bones. Adults have 206. Bones fuse together during growth to come up with the new number.
Birthmarks Are The Rule, Not Exception : If your newborn has a birthmark or other abnormality, this is actually normal. Around 80% of all babies are born with some form. The most common include stork bites and port wine stains.
Newborns Can Hear As Well As You : They will startle at just about anything. Not because it is louder or softer, but because it is new. Smell is also advanced at this age.
Eyesight Isn’t Much Worse, Either : According to BabyCenter, a newborn’s eyesight is just about as good as an adult’s. However, their brains aren’t able to process information as well and usually start out at about eight to 15 inches of range.
A Turned Head Means A Full Belly : Your newborn didn’t just see something interesting. If he or she turns her head at a spoonful of food, it is because they are full. This is also where shaking your head “no” comes from.
Mama Is Number One : It only takes a few weeks in before a baby can visually distinguish between his or her mother and other adults. The constant sounds and sights are soothing to the child and are missed when gone. However, the voice and smell of the mother can be recognized from birth.
Smile Time : A baby is typically capable of their first non-gassy smile at only one month old. Try engaging them with funny faces or voices to see if they are ready. If unsure about a smile, repeat the gag as necessary.
What A Load : The heaviest baby ever born was a boy who weighed 22 pounds, eight ounces. He was born in Italy in 1955. To summarize, it isn’t highly unusual for a one year old baby to weigh 22 pounds.
Don’t Throw Out the Breast Milk : According to this article from Associated Content, breast milk can be good for adults too. If you can stomach the taste along with the knowledge of where it came from, the milk may be of use for combating serious diseases.

"He’s suicidal? I’m suicidal. You’re suicidal. Everybody’s fuckin suicidal. We don’t all keep going on about it!"

- Harry, In Bruges (2008)

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Anonymous asked: You're like my favorite blog tbh <3


you have good taste then lol


fun prank: wake up during open heart surgery and sing don’t go breakin’ my heart to the surgeon

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